GOT/CSCC Resources

The internet, especially the CSCC home page, your CSCC Student Handbook, this Generation One Trailblazers organization, and members of the faculty and staff in a variety of offices and departments can be very helpful in getting you off to a positive start.  You can find most services for students on the CSCC website (

· Advising Services: The advising services include academic advising, workshops, and a newsletter with great information. They are located in Aquinas 116, and the phone number is 614-287-2668. Their website is

· Tutoring Services: Many departments offer tutoring services for various courses. To find a list of departments with tutoring services please go to the CSCC website

· Counseling Services: In addition to advising, counseling services for career counseling, mental health counseling, and substance abuse counseling can be found at Aquinas 116, 614-287-2668. They also have a number of workshops and online resources that students can easily obtain.

· IT Help Desk: The Help Desk can assist students with a number of computer questions including concerns with email or Blackboard. You can reach them via email at or by phone at 614-287-5050.

·  Computer Labs: Students have free access to a number of computer labs across the campus. You can find a list of the computer labs on the CSCC website at The IT Frontliners are staff and faculty who help students in various computer labs across campus. Online services are also available to help you troubleshoot Blackboard and Cougarweb.

·  Blackboard Internet Classes: For many classes you may need to know how to read announcements, download course material including Power Points, submit assignments, and access and post to the discussion board. The college offers tutorials on how to use Blackboard, so if you have questions you can utilize these resources. You can begin to get help with how to use Blackboard if you go to Student Transition website at

·  Bookstore: The CSCC Bookstore called Discovery Exchange is located at 283 Cleveland Avenue and can be contacted at 614-287-2427. You can also find information on the bookstore at

· Public Safety: The Public Safety Department offers a number of service such as investigations of harassment or crimes, on campus escorts, assistance with lockouts and jumpstarts, and first aid. To reach them by phone, call 614- 287-2525 or go to the ground floor of Delaware Hall. You can also read about their services at

· Educational Resource Center – Librarian 287-2460 The Educational Resource Center (CSCC’s library) is a wonderful resource for students. ERC resources may be needed to successful complete learning activities in a course. You are encouraged to learn about the ERC services and resources early so that they can be of benefit to you on all subsequent assignments in any of your classes. Information on how to access library resources can be found on Blackboard and the library website ( Most of the library services can be accessed online, but this requires a login and password when you are using a computer not at CSCC. Information on how to obtain a login and password can be found on the ERC’s website and on Blackboard.

· Testing Center: The Testing Center is located in Aquinas 002 and can be reached at (614) 287- 2478 or via email at You can also access information about the Testing Center online at Be sure that you are familiar with Testing Center policies and hours well before you need to use their services. Their hours can change from quarter to quarter to better meet student needs.

· Writing Assistance: CSCC offers two options for students to receive help with their writing. The Writing Center is located in Franklin Hall 246 or you can call them at 614-287-5717. You  can also download a brochure and see additional information at The Online Writing Resource Center offers online help for students who simply need to turn in an assignment for feedback. Feedback is offered to students 48 hours after student submits their paper. Please see for more information.

· Financial Aid: The Financial Aid Office offers assistance to more than half of the students at CSCC. You can find information on loans, scholarships, and grants and important deadlines at You can also visit them in Rhodes Hall or call 614-287-2648.

· Disability Services: If you had an IEP when you were in high school or are concerned that you have a learning disability or some type of disability that will affect your educational performance, then visit Disability Services at Eibling Hall 101 or call 614-287-2570 (V/TTY). You can also find a list of services provided by this office at

· Acloche Career Assistance Center: This center assists with career and internship postings, job fairs, job search materials, resume workshops, interviewing tips, onsite interviews, and networking opportunities. You can find them at Nestor Hall 119, 614-287-5279 or read more about their services at

· Child Development Center: The Child Development Center offers childcare services for children ages six weeks to five years. You can contact them at 614-287-3600 or look over information at

· International Enrollment Services: This department provides services for international students who want to enroll at CSCC as well as international students who are current students at CSCC. They are located in Madison Hall 109, and the phone number is 614-287-2074. You can read about their list of services including a newsletter at

· The Student Handbook:  The Student Handbook is packed full of information relevant to students. A list of some of the more important policies related to student rights and responsibilities is listed below. You can find a copy of the handbook in various places on campus and online at