Are you…?

◊ One of the first people in your family to graduate from high school?
◊ One of the first people in your family to go to college?

GOT is the group for you! 

◊ Fresh out of high school
◊ Starting college after years of work experience
◊ A mom
◊ A dad
◊ Looking for support from faculty to help you build on your success in college
◊ Waiting for the chance to meet others who know the struggles of being the first to go to college
◊ Faced with the challenges of explaining how important your school work is to others
◊ Worried that people will treat you differently if you make it through to your degree
◊ Proud of the fact that you are succeeding despite some obstacles that get in your way
◊ Wondering if it is worth sticking with school
◊ Carrying the hopes and dreams of your family with every class you take
◊ Interested in being a mentor to someone else who is first generation
◊ Needing some direction and questions answered
◊ Wanting a place to feel connected

Well, if you are a first generation student and you fit any of the above descriptions, then…we GOT you

Welcome to GOT